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About Me

Life has always been about doing a good job and job satisfaction, making sure I was always in a position to provide a decent lifestyle for my family. I worked in transport & training for over 20 years.

In 2012 after being made redundant twice and having a cancer diagnosis sandwiched in the middle, all in a 2 year period, it was time to take stock. I was in my late 40’s, and with a little persuasion and full support from my wife I became a driving instructor, given my training background it seemed like a natural progression.

I quickly found that I enjoyed helping people develop the skills to drive and soon found I was helping them with other issues in life like anxiety and fear. I attended a coaching course for driver education which just opened the curiosity door in my mind which began a fascinating journey of personal discovery to help me understand how I could do what I love most in life, to help you to loosen that grip that has held you back from being the best possible version of you.

Removing that thing that stops you living the life you know is waiting for you. That change is a great deal closer than you imagine.

My Training and Certifications:

Licensed NLP Practitioner
- Ali Campbell Coaching - NLP Society
Certified Hypno (from the inside out)
- Ali Campbell Coaching
Certified Transformative Life Coach
- Ali Campbell Coaching
Personal & business development coach
- Full Circle Development - ACC Credentialed ICF (International Coach Federation)
Certified Coach for driver Education
- Tri Coaching Partnership