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After feeling really anxious about a presentation I needed to deliver at the company annual awards ceremony, I was introduced to Tommy who very quickly calmed me down and explained that a session of hypnotherapy might help me feel a little calmer about the situation. I wasn’t sure at first but decided to give it a try as the stress and anxiety of the presentation which was getting closer was starting to affect my working & home life, my concentration levels were poorer and my relationships with work colleagues, my husband and my family were affected as well.

Since doing the hypnotherapy session with Tommy last week I feel more settled at work and at home, my relationships with everyone have improved and I am now no longer frightened of presenting at the company awards ceremony.

Tommy is a true professional and a very calm individual who knows how to make people feel instantly relaxed. Thank you so much for all your help and I would definitely recommend Tommy to anyone looking for hypnotherapy for any reason.

- Margaret Hughes

Hi Tommy, I have a wee bit of time before the train so just messaging to say a massive thank you for taking the time to work with me around my phobia of driving on motorways & busy dual carriageways!

After four and a half years of motorway avoidance, you got me back on it in less than half an hour! You are a lovely guy and an amazing therapist!

Thank you so much the difference this is making in my life is unbelievable!

- Nicola xx

Hi Tommy. I just wanted to thank you for giving me my life back, I wasn’t expecting it to work so quickly so thank you.

- Rebecca xx

Here’s just a little bit of how you have helped me.

'As someone who has always been considered a highly strung, anxious person by everyone who knows me, I was pointed in Tommy’s direction for some life coaching to see if I could discover what I wanted from life. I was a little skeptical when first told about how it might be able to help as I had therapy on a few different occasions and it never seemed to work. After the first session I was amazed about how much I was finding out about myself and decided that due to the amount of stress I felt I wanted to do a hypnotherapy session. WOW the difference was almost instant, It was as if someone had lifted a heavy load from my mind and I felt the calmest I had felt in many years. I was just much more relaxed, with a positive attitude towards the anxiety and stress that has weighed me down for as long as I remember. The real test came a week later when, after a particularly stressful and emotional series of events that would've tested even the calmest of individuals (including an impromptu visit to the dentist for emergency dental work), I felt as relaxed as one could. By teaching me how to cope with specific things that stress me and fundamentally changing the way I deal with them, my perspective has dramatically changed and I genuinely feel like a fog has been lifted and I feel more free and focused which has subsequently allowed me to pursue and open up to things I previously kept clear of. I am continuing on my coaching journey and as time goes on the changes I am seeing in myself are truly amazing. Tommy is the most calm, patient amazing man I have ever met and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who could do with a little less stress in their life, and let’s face it who wouldn’t want that. Thank you so much Tommy I now have a life that resembles a life and not a mere existence, and that’s all down to you. '

- Rebecca xx

My experience with hypnotherapy:- Morgan Crook

Like any ordinary 17 year old girl, I couldn't wait to start taking driving lessons. I'm now currently taking lessons with my driving instructor, Tommy Doyle, who funnily enough changed my whole outlook to life and cured my insomnia through the use of hypnotherapy in such a short space of time.

I was always a girl who would overthink every minuscule mistake I made in the car and let my inner-self and self-confidence crumble and deteriorate. I'd stall the car and I would feel the anxiety rush from the tips of my toes down at the clutch right to the front of my mind. The thought of stalling my driving instructor's car never left the very front of my mind - not for a long time anyway. Tommy could evidently see the anxiety build up through my own body language along with the negative attitude I began to adopt. Not once did Tommy sit back and let the mistakes overtake. Tommy recommended that a session of hypnotherapy might help me to relax more and reduce negative thinking. I’m both surprised & delighted with the results I got from the session. Tommy’s calming nature and helpful manner helped me to quickly relax so I decided to have a session of hypnotherapy. At first I felt a bit strange as I didn't really understand what was going on. I couldn't believe it once I noticed I was more happy with myself, my confidence was growing but most importantly I could FINALLY let go of the small mistakes I made in the car. Ever since then I've been extremely cheery during my driving lessons and mistakes don’t seem to have any impact on my mind set anymore and that is all thanks to Tommy.

Not only was I an over-thinker but I was also someone who'd get extremely uptight when hearing the word "exam." Before my preliminary examinations in school earlier this year, I asked Tommy to do another session with me to help clear my mind and to relax my nerves. I was always someone who'd be close to breaking down into tears the day of an exam as I didn't know what to expect. A little bit of "magic dust" (hypnotherapy) did the trick for my maths prelim shall we say. I woke up the next day (the day of the exam) feeling normal. Normal? Yes, normal! Don't get me wrong, i was still a tiny bit nervous but that was manageable. Thanks to Tommy, I was not in a bad state before I went into the exam hall. To my surprise, I was more relaxed than the students around me for a change. For once in my life I felt close to calm before an exam. What a miracle!

I struggled to fall asleep at night and when I eventually did, I'd wake up between 3 & 6 times during the night and I'd find myself staring at the ceiling with my eyes wide open and my eyelashes fluttering against my eyes. I would have many thoughts racing through my mind all at the one time when I needed to rest my mind and sleep. I couldn't get rid of the thoughts, they raced through my head at 1,000 miles per hour like the soundtrack to a horror movie on repeat night after night. By midday the next day, I was feeling burned out due to the lack of sleep. In fact, it started to have an impact on everything I did, seeing friends, studying, driving, my job etc. After the hypnotherapy session I found I was sleeping more contently at night and for the whole night, the waking up regularly through the night seemed to have gone, I have a much improved sleeping pattern and I have so much more energy during the day. To have a clear mind before sleeping at night was the best feeling I had ever experienced. There was no difficulty to try and get rid of negative thoughts or worries because they rarely exist in my mind anymore - the thoughts have just vanished. Even now, a couple of weeks later, not once have I struggled to fall asleep. To go to bed and think that I'd get up the next morning without feeling sluggish or fatigued was something I had been searching for a long time.

For someone to go inside your mind and remove your negative thoughts and worries for you is absolutely phenomenal. Most importantly, for someone to even allow you to sleep more contentedly at night makes me lost for words. A cure to insomnia IS possible and I’m so glad that I have found it. I cannot thank Tommy enough for what he has done for me these past few months in relation to calming my mind so I can live a more fulfilled life. For anyone who gets stressed, suffers from insomnia or whos head is filled with thoughts and worries, Tommy Doyle is the man who can erase this for you. Overall, I'm the happiest I've been in a long time as my mind is not constantly filled to its maximum with thoughts, worries and tiredness. From my experience, if you truly want to change the way you live your life, you must be willing to change the way your mind works.